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The technology for the production of WPC was invented and designed in the 1990s, and the popularity and usefulness of such products has since grown exponentially.

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Since 2011 we have been producing various types of profiles from WPC material, the production plant is located near Rychvald. We prepare the WPC material on the basis of our own recipe, which we developed in cooperation with leading Czech experts from the plastics industry and universities. We use only new, exclusively Czech, Slovak or German raw materials and additives for production.


WPC profiles are produced by extrusion technology (extrusion), where a pre-prepared mixture of material (so-called dry blend - wood flour, PVC and additives), heated to the required temperatures and then extruded on several production lines using special conical screws through a tool, caliber and cooling bath to the required shapes.

The produced profiles are then surface treated - by grinding, brushing, embossing (imprinting of the structure) or various combinations of these types of treatments.

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