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Launching a new production line
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Launching a new production line

The project aims at an increased and up-to-date manufacturing capacity for WPC profiles. Specifically, it consists in a purchase of a production line featuring the extrusion process of the input substance with two conical screw extruders through the extrusion head that ensures the extrusion profile.

The project implementation will ensure additional production capacity required to ensure the long-term competitiveness and sustainability in production of WPC profiles.

Project description

The specific project objective consists in a purchase of an extrusion line that produces WPC profiles. The purchase of the new line will increase the target production capacity by up to 50 % as compared to the current one, creating also new jobs in the course of the project.

The purchase of the line will increase the production capacity. In terms of the existing production technology, the new line will also ensure a significant improvement of efficiency, in particular due to the better line performance and an advanced system of line control. Deploying the new line alongside the current technology will also allow production scheduling to be optimized, as large orders will be preferentially dealt with using the new line while small orders will be processed using the current technology.

Project summary

Name of support programme Technology
Priority axis of the operational programme PO-2 Business development and competitiveness of small and medium-sized companies
Project start date 1 July 2017
Project deadline 31 December 2019
Total project costs CZK 8,400,000.00
Total eligible costs CZK 8,400,000.00
Total grant applied CZK 3,780,000.00
Grant rate 45.00%

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